MLB 12 The Show Review (PS3 and PS Vita versions)

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2 Comments to MLB 12 The Show Review (PS3 and PS Vita versions)

  1. diamond dynasty should be on psvita too. so players who don’t have a ps3 only a ps vita can have the same expirenece as players with both

  2. MLB_Project

    I want to know if anyone else has seen this glitch in the game or its only me. When ever I am the away team in a one on one match with my friends and we play at the home teams actual home field my team makes key mistakes and errors in the most crucial times. Example I’m the Reds and my friend takes the Angels and we play at Angel Stadium I’ll start out doing good and get ahead and then when it gets late into innings or he has potential scoring players ill make a huge throwing error or my guys will misplay balls allowing him to score and always win. I’m just curios if anyone else has had this problem. Literally when i play at neutral stadiums on the game agaisnt other people i have never lost but when i play at the home teams actual staduim i have never won yet

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