Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 Review

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6 Comments to Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 Review

  1. Hi. Thanks for the review. Would this be suitable for a small conference room (say up to 3 people) without them having to sit on each others’ laps?

  2. mcleodwealth

    This camera is phenomenal. I am blown away by not only the video quality and supporting software, but the integrated microphone as well. The mic works so well that I no longer need a headset! It’s hands free all the time and people say they can hear me fine. So no more fumbling around trying to put on a headset when making or recieving calls, it just WORKS. And under all lighting conditions too. The extra money is SO worth it.

  3. hello, which is better logitesch c910 or logitech c 920 …(i want this for videochat ) thank you!

    • Michael Radon

      I haven’t used the Lifecam Cinema, so I can’t draw an accurate comparison unfortunately, but it responds pretty well to most lighting. Things get a bit dim in a sunny room, but I didn’t experience any problems operating the camera at night with indirect light sources.

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