iPhone 4S vs. Lumia 900

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Spawned in the horrendous heat of a Los Angeles winter, James was born with an incessant need to press buttons. Whether it was the car radio, doorbells on Halloween or lights, James pushed, pressed and prodded every button. No elevator was left unscathed, no building intercom was left un-rung, and no person he’s known has been left un-annoyed.

32 Comments to iPhone 4S vs. Lumia 900

  1. HolyDoom Witch

    Though, it’s now late to comment on this article 3 months later, but I had some deep, “inner” conscience
    questions while reading this article. Ones that you are ready to compromise on, but when someone more advanced is able to point HIS ones out and speaks them, your realize you had the same concerns. One Mr. Mason was able to point out the right things. The good things the reviewer says about Nokia were the ones that even he wasn’t able to ignore. But he was hell bent to make the iPhone winner.

    I understand that the companies pay review websites to backdoor-market their products. The name “Gadget Review” is a HUGE name in itself, so one who registers this name, is likely to get great hits and top space in search results. And Apple must have a list of such companies, especially since the advent of Lumia series… So may be… rest you understand.

    I’ll never be on this site again.

  2. smartphone no-fan

    Clown making a clownish comparison without much inputs.
    Apps- who cares about unknown hundreds of thousands apps?
    appearance- iphone wins lumia 900? lol
    size- lumia 900 is bigger. enough said.
    display- iphone has nicer resolution
    camera- both at par

  3. pongscript

    Regarding the camera.. even Galaxy Note beats Iphone 4s on very low light situation.. I have an Iphone 4s and it sucks in low bar lights. My friends galaxy note snapping away, because it have night mode. someone might argue about noise, but I dont care much for noise since I just want to capture the moment and think about it later.

  4. Semaj Revokip

    …hate to say it, but judging from other comments below you’d be better off sticking to your your core expertise, such as door bells, alarm clocks, elevators, you know ;)
    The only buttons you’ve successfully pushed here are those of peeps looking for quality info and reviews and yours is anything but !

  5. Dear James,
    you got a few things completely wrong and/or backwards when it comes to networks supported by these phones.
    Firstly, Lumia 900, to the best of my knowledge, has NO CDMA support whatsoever- it’s strictly a GSM phone (and if you bother to check the specs you’ll see the same).
    Secondly, iPhone actually has GSM support in CDMA (i.e. Verizon) model though I’m not sure that their GSM model (i.e. ATT) has CDMA support. Perhaps it’s exact same hardware across all providers- just activated differently.
    So please try to keep your facts verified and straight or perhaps just stick to reviewing elevators, door bells and Halloween lights instead of misleading everyone ;)
    Best regards !

  6. Seems to me that the reviewer skewed this review on purpose…

    Even after saying in the middle camera paragraph that the Lumia tended to be more accurate, he decides by the category’s end that the iPhone is actually more accurate.  Please make up your mind and stick to your story.

    Apparently he hasn’t had the opportunity yet to fully test the Lumia’s battery (which sounds to me like “I’ve had it for maybe 5 hours”), but he’s already prepared to swear that the iPhone has way better battery life when browsing the web.  Maybe that’s true.  I just can’t trust his opinion when it’s clear he’s had it for maybe a day.

    The iPhone won the appearance section ’cause it’s more feminine?  And the Lumia is more brutish? Really?  I understand it was his opinion, in the end, but the first two paragraphs praise the Lumia’s design and then the iPhone is declared the winner due to its svelter, girly design.  It’s a good thing Apple didn’t advertise on that premise.  And maybe there should have been a sturdiness category in there too.

    I quote: “…because the larger size of the Lumia 900 doesn’t give any significant benefit, in terms of functionality, over the iPhone…”  How ’bout a much larger screen?  Tons more space to view webpages?  Larger movies and photos?  A larger screen necessitates a larger body.  If the iPhone had a larger screen space, consider how much bigger it would be.  Still gotta have body space for the girly home button below the screen.  All I’m sayin’ is that there’s a tradeoff, and a larger screen is definitely worth the extra size.  For a lot of people, I’m sure…

    As others have pointed out, you didn’t actually compare the OSs other than to say that WP stands up to the competition…maybe an in-depth comparison would have taken you more than a day to look over.  Size of marketplace has much less link to the OSs ease of operation than you make it seem.

    Rating the phones on processors?  Normally that’s something I’d expect from Android lovers.  You can’t pretend that WP isn’t fast.  If both OSs are fluid and smooth, why do the specs matter?  There was no substantive review of how well each segment of the OS operates, no speed test, no nothing.  You looked at the sides of the boxes and decided iPhone was better ’cause its processor is dual-core.

    Shame on you, sir.  Did you write this after 20 minutes with the phone?

  7. Really man?  Come on.  Is this the first time you have written anything?  You’re comparisons are flawed and your lack of knowledge about the subject matter is evident. 

    Processor – WP7 phones don’t need a dual core processor to beat iOS.  My Lumia is noticeably fastser than my iPhone in about everything. Get the facts straight.

    Battery – Lumia battery lasts longer period. Significantly longer based on what I have seen.

    Appearance – Seriously?  This is obviously a matter of opinion, but every person I show the Lumia to who has an iPhone always loves the Lumia.  It just plain looks better.  Maybe its a little bit of the newness factor…

    Operating System – Although this has nothing to do with the OS, there are less apps for WP7 phones than the iPhone, this is obvious.  Everything I use I can usually find for WP7, although there are some I can’t, I can find alternatives. Plus, honestly, I use about 30-40 apps, and of those maybe a dozen regularly…who the hell needs 500,000 apps anyway?

    You are obviously a Apple fan boy, and there is nothing wrong with that.  But be honest in your reviews or maybe actually have your facts straight.  I love my Apple products, and use my iPad everyday, still have an iPhone but this Nokia Phone is good, very good.

  8. MakeLoveNotFlameWars

    Don’t really agree with your conclusions. But we all are entitled to our opinion. I wonder how this fight is going to turn out in 2013 when WP8 gets involved and gives Nokia unlimited possibilities for hardware. I’m sure Apple will put out a solid phone with the new iPhone. Should be interesting.

  9. This guy is DEFINATELY an Apple’s fan. I’ve reviewed only 2 of his reviews (Sony’Z series and this one, both to ipod touch and iphone 4s), and all this guy said is Apple, Apple, Apple, Apple, Apple, Apple, Pineapple, Apple,… And all the viewers ALL said the opposite! And i have Lumina! That thing is freaking sweet and stylish. Fucking iphone doesn’t have anything new both its appearance and interface! And the Lumina’s camera is fucking good, the processor is definately than my dad’s iphone 4s! So i definately reccomend Lumina. 

  10. The photo demonstrating display is counterfeit. Or it’s not actually demonstrating the two devices mentioned. The image on the right is almost twice the density of the one on the left, which is not the actual difference between the two phones. Also, the image on the left properly displays how graphics are anti-aliased, where the one on the right is clearly just the letter “a” pasted on top of a grid in an image editor.

  11. Do you have all 100k+ of those apps on your iPhone? Will you ever?

    This is why the app store argument is of little importance.

  12. Amantedeheels

    ha, ha, haaaaarrrrr.  Almost ssss in my pants thanks to this article and the author love for his Issss

  13. Carlit (ITA)

    this is just your opinion
    there a two vision in two items
    a old style design iphone vs contemporary design nokia
    nokia is fresh design, iphone is “eavy” design
    iphone is fragile, nokia is “solid” design

    ios5 is like macintosh in your phone, windowsphone is something fresher
    wp is dynamic and cool, ios is icons old style of ever 

  14. Having both phones… Im not to sure I would compare it the same way.  

    Carriers…. is not really a way to compare phones.  Iphone also started on ATT only.   Doesnt say anything about the phone.

    Camera… Pictures come out different, but both are good.  Lumia has more settings to mess with though… and a macro which gets the pictures up close better than my iphone does.  Plus… theres a button outside which lets you access the camera quicker than the Iphone.

    Appearance… My Lumia is much better looking than my Iphone.  the sleek stlye edges look more modern and new. 

    CPU…  My Lumia is faster than my Iphone in everything..

    Battery life i havent seen a difference between the two.  I do use the Lumia more but still use the Iphone for games that havent arrived to WP yet.  

    O/S…  the Windows Phone O/S is solid and refreshing.  Apps look more modern in WP7 and navigation in WP7 is better.    You have different apps working at the same time and can easily switch from one to the other… not to mention the nifty back button and the live tiles update information to you real time without you having to enter the app…  for example my weather channel app gives me the info right there in the tile.   Definetly advantage Lumia.  Apps will get there.  All major apps are already there.

  15. Appearance goes for iPhone 4S? The designer’s polycarbonate unibody of the Lumia-900 is worse than the iPhone?
    Screen size goes for iPhone? Is 3.7 inches better than 4.3 ?

    I am thinking of buying a Lumia, then maybe my own comment is also biased (cant avoid it. I just dont see how the iPhone 4S is better than the Lumia 900).
    My score is Lumia:8 – iPhone 4S:3

    • gadgetreview

      From a looks standpoint the Lumia 900 definitely scores big points, but based on my hands own, which mind you was for a few minutes only, it’s not as compelling as the iPhone’s glass body.  That said, the lack of apps is definitely a deal killer.

      • Lack of apps being a deal killer really depends on the individual. No way can that argument apply across the board for everyone.

        Assuming you are switching from iPhone to WP7, the simple solution is to check on the Windows Phone marketplace and see if the apps you need are there. If they ARE there, then it’s NOT a deal killer. Period. Simple!

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