Dyson Hot Review

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5 Comments to Dyson Hot Review

  1. Jim Butterworth

    However it is dispersed it is electric heating – you can never get more out than you put in. So if it is rated at 1kw you will get 1kw of air heating, no more . If you like the looks and a talking point – great – but this is no solution for anyone wanting to heat a space up more efficiently than any other electric heater. What marketing skills – the most important is what is NOT said!

  2. how big is it ,Ihave a small flat with expensive underfloor heating so would like to know the size and running cost ?

    • ellen you and me both. first thing in the morning i blast out a couple of fan heaters. i dont want to start my coal fire first thing just to keep the birds warm when i go to work.but try as i may i cant find comparable cost to say a 2kw fan heater wich i can relate to ho hum.

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