Wanna brake harder, accelerate faster and take turns at neck wrenching speeds?  Sure, you could go out and buy a Ferrari, but that’s hardly practical.  BFGoodrich’s g-Force Sport COMP-2 ties are probably a far more sane (for your bank account) approach to enhancing your driving experience.  According to BFGoodrich these tires will invoke your car with the ability to corner 30% more efficiently, stop up to 16 feet shorter compared to a comparable tire in the same class, and accelerate faster.  They’ve accomplished this feat by using a new silica-infused compound and up to 40% more stiffening structure in the sidewall of the tire.

Still don’t believe us?  BFGoodrich wrangled up Shawn White and those alike, and put them behind the wheel of a wide variety of cars outfitted with these tires.  But they didn’t place them on a regular, old racetrack.  They sent them to AWESOMECROSS, which is like something out of the “Matrix” meets Hot Wheels.  The AWESOMECROSS measures a variety of factors, collecting everything from the drivers mood all the way to the g-forces experienced during cornering.  Meanwhile a set of lights adjust the track according to the drivers reaction and indicate to onlookers just how aggressive their driving has evolved.

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Christen Costa

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