ASUS Padfone vs. Apple iPad and iPhone 4S (comparison)

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Padfone vs. iPadiPhone
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12 Comments to ASUS Padfone vs. Apple iPad and iPhone 4S (comparison)

  1. The padfone’s back camera (8mp) can be used while in tablet mode.
    Which means you CAN shoot great photos with the padlet (see what I did there?).
    Please correct that mistake if possible…

  2. Orfetheo

    You need to correct a mistake at the camera section.
    When you’re using the padfone station, it still uses that 8mp camera. The 1.3 mp one is the front facing camera.

  3. Makrilli

    You are missing some things like, yes the new ipad has bigger battery but it has 4x more pixels so it’s gpu is taking pretty big part of the battery

  4. Going on expected prices, I’ve determined that the PadFone works out £1,200 less expensive than an iPhone 4S and an iPad over three years, both with unlimited data. That’s one of the reasons I’ll be getting it… not to mention that it offers all I need for university in one device (phone, tablet, netbook).

  5. Processor section: a processor is a processor, a graphics processor is a graphics processor. padfone wins.
    Price Section: for less than $1,000 you get the phone, tablet addon, keyboard add on, and bluetooth headphone/stylus. WITHOUT a contract. It’s not relying on anything. The ipad and iphone without a contract alone would be over a grand.Battery life: the mha might be higher for the ipad.. but it’s display uses more battery.. not to mention both the ipad and iphone batteries would drain at the same time..  whereas the padfone batteries are added on one another. not even getting into the keyboard battery add on.the ipad’s camera isn’t as good either.. but of course that wasn’t mentioned.the clear winner is the padfone.. any true tech entusiast should agree. 

  6. You should have just waited until the padfone was released, instead of comparing what you know to an idea. I love how you try to compare the cameras, but we have not seen pictures taken with the padfone to really know how it looks. Also on the battery just wait until it comes out so you can actually see how long it lasts. 

  7. there id much much more Innovation in a single unit that can be used ad smatphone, pad and laptop. 

  8. Worthless comparison, The Qualcom, S4 Snapdragon uses the latest A15 architecture so the PadFone is better in processor. If you defended that ”
    Winner: iDevices, with a much faster GPU and a slower yet still better CPU thanks to software management.” 
    Then that is OS not the processor. 

    Plus you forgot about the dock of the PadFone which has an additional 6,600mah. If you are going to compare it at least makes some credible pictures / ACTUAL PICTURES not some bias apple fan writing “This one is easy”. 

  9. I can tell you based this review off of Asus’s spec sheet instead of actually taking a look at the device. The Tablet has a hole in the back cover for the phone’s 8MP camera to take pictures from. Furthermore, the Padfone is a 3 part device, phone+tablet dock+keyboard dock. Take the phone’s battery power and multiply by 9 for the full power of the device. Furthermore, you seem to be under the impression that it is running the 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S3 processor. It’s actually running the Krait S4, which is built to be comparative to A15 chips and is built at 28nm. 3 more of your comparisons should’ve been in favor of the Padfone.

  10. Wow, it takes 2 idevices to take down the Asus padfone. But why do you compare the stations front camera with the iPads back camera? The stations back camera is the phones cam. Also the iPads front cam as well as the iPhones, only have vga quality. So this Point should go to the padfone.

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