Apple has released a Java security update that they say removes “the most common variants of the Flashback malware” that’s been affecting people’s Mac computers. Apparently, the Flashback Trojan enters computers via infected websites that prompt users to download a browser plug-in (ie Flash) in order to see more content. But when they download this so called “plug-in,” the malware accesses a hole in Apple’s customized version of JavaScript, thus gaining access to the person’s computer.

The Java update will not only clean up these variants, but also disables automatic executive of Java applets. You can turn these back on in the preferences tab. If no applets are run in a certain amount of time, however, the Java plug-in will re-disable automatic executive of Java applets. OS X users can download the security update via the Software Update application. The news of such malware came to a surprise to many Mac since they believed Macs weren’t vulnerable to attacks like PCs are.


Kristie Bertucci

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