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giant spider eating snake

Giant Spider Eats a Snake (video/odd)

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A giant golden orb spider was recently spotted chowing down on a brown tree snake in a random garden in Cairns, Australia. You’d think it be the other way around, but apparently not down under. The video was caught by Ant Hadleigh, who immediately went straight for his camera when...


Batman Superhero Raincoat


The traditional rain coat is yellow, boring and not all that cute, at least for little kids.  Sure, it can get the job done, but getting your tike to adorn such a lame outfit will be a challenge in and upon itself.  Enter the Kids Superhero Raincoat. It comes in...

Star Trek Game Trailer

Star Trek Video Game Trailer (video)

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[GR]llDu7HdJu3Y[/GR] Most movies turned video games suck.  They’re designed to cash in on the advertising money that is already being spent on the film and the result is usually piss poor game play mixed with half way decent graphics and a set of movie characters that are forever tarnished in...

Aperion Zona Wireless Surround Sound Speaker System

Aperion Zona Wireless Surround Speaker System Review


Aperion’s Zona Wireless Surround Speaker System provide a level of quality mixed with convenience that many other surround sound systems can’t easily match. The transmitter hooks up easily to your output source using composite audio jacks or a quarter inch port, and then you have 150 feet to play with...