Daily Archives: April 16, 2012

Villain Char

Villain Chair


You’ve got it all: the Beer Cave, the over sized flat screen, a gigantic home theater system and a home automation system that rivals an MIT lab.  However, you’re probably missing the Villain Chair.  Sure, world domination isn’t on your agenda.  In fact, that’s the last thing you’re looking to accomplish.  But...


iFoolish iPhone Case


When inspiration hits it’s just a matter of whipping out your smartphone and scribbling or jotting down a note in one of many free applications.  Case in point is Paper, which released a few weeks ago for the iOS platform.  However, that isn’t to say you should discount the iFoolish...


Neo Cover: a Magnetic Light Switch Cover


It’s been sometime since we heard from Jake Frey.  But last week he reached out and told us that he’s finally got a production ready model of his magnetic light switch cover, the Neo Cover. If you recall, the first iteration had a unique, yet not very home ready red...