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SBU V3 Self Balancing Unicycle (video)

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[GR]Dev5NYzjRvk[/GR] No handlebars or steering wheel might sound complicated, but the SBU V3 Self Balancing Unicycle makes it a breeze to learn how to guide the electronic unicycle. Control for the SBU is via natural leaning motions (similar to that of the Segway) and they’re so easy to learn that...


The Fisker Atlantic Plug In Hybrid Concept


Fisker Automotive unveiled its new younger sibling to its Karma EV with their Atlantic Concept model at the 2012 New York Auto Show. As the latest model in the company’s expanding lineup of Electric Vehicle (EV) extended range cars, it’s meant to be more affordable and mass-marketable than the Karma....

Nike FlyKnit

Nike FlyKnit Ultra Light Sneaker (video)


You probably thought that those light weight running shoes couldn’t get any lighter? Wrongzo. This past February Nike unveiled their Flyknit sneaks. They use an upper mesh that is specially weaved together that maintains their ultra light weight build without compromising sturdiness or comfort. [GR]JUdNeFh2SDo[/GR] Nike is billing their FlyKnit...

Shock Top Final Challenge

Shock Top “Oh Wait” Final Challenge (sponsored video)


The world’s demise is just months away and you’re probably sitting around worrying about your taxes, doing laundry or what to eat for lunch today.  What a waste of time, especially when you could enter Shock Top’s “Final Challenge.” Just hit their Facebook page, assemble your crew and tell Shock...


Thermosaurus Radiator

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Got a kid in the family that has an obsession with all things dinosaur?  Then it’s probably a safe bet that they’ll fall in love with the Thermosaurus from Artlebedev, a cast iron central-heating radiator. That’s right, it replaces those archaic looking radiators that aren’t really found in homes today, at least...


Dyson Hot Review


Last year I reviewed the Dyson Air Multiplier, and really ended up liking the design and the way it worked.  One of the things that I did just for fun was throw a little space heater in front of the air intake just to see what would happen.  It somewhat...


Sony BDP-S590 3D Blu-ray Disc Player Review


Blu-ray players have decreased in price to where getting a second one (or replacing one just a year or two old) is no longer a luxury. Sony led the way to affordable Blu-ray players early in the cycle with their PlayStation 3 — the combo of a Blu-ray player and...