Samsung Series 9 13.3-inch Notebook Review

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3 Comments to Samsung Series 9 13.3-inch Notebook Review

  1. Billy Pilgrim

    Derp. You realized you reviewed the old version of this laptop (the NP900X3A). You want the NP900X3B, which isn’t really out yet.

    • It is mentioned in the Editor’s Note at the end of the review that the refreshed Series 9 laptop has already been shown. So this review was intended to be about the first gen. series 9 and I’m sure Shawn realizes that.

      The derp here is you.

      • Shawn Sanders

        Hey does indeed know. He wrote the Editor’s Note.

        Thanks for getting my back, though, Evn!

        I hope to write a refreshed review if I get Samsung to toss us the updated version.

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