Ridge Racer Review (PS Vita)

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2 Comments to Ridge Racer Review (PS Vita)

  1. I loved ridge racer on psp, was expecting something like it. Then I learned it was 90% DLC, AND online only. I had it preordered, canceled promptly, and never looked back. I wanted a full game like RR for psp and RR7 for ps3.

  2. Windsor793

    That’s a little bit harsh mate :-) I understand where you are coming from but from somebody who has not played the Ridge Racer franchise before I have found this game quite rewarding. I paid £14.95 for my copy and I have had my money’s worth. The timer tells me that I have been playing for just over 20 hours and after reading your review I am wondering what the hell I have done for 20+ hours other than look at the menu lol. I would of given it a 2.5 out of 5 :-)

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