OBi110 Voice Service Bridge and VoIP Telephone Adapter

Smartphones have gotten a good amount of attention lately as they of course should considering their capabilities, speed and 4G services but on the other end of the spectrum there is a lot of savings to be had. Flash back to the good old landline, but this time with a twist. From Amazon there is a new discount for the OBi110 VOIP service bridge which acts as a modem for your phone calls. Simply plug this in, connect it to your router and to your phone and with an array of services that can be used you have the potential for free phone calls! Google Voice is completely supported and suggested thanks to their ability to give you free calls to the U.S. and Canada without being held back by minutes or times. OBi also has a service of its own to use with other devices and even some smart phone apps to expand on it, but regardless of what you choose your $49.99 can lead the way to free or very cheap calling capabilities using your Internet connection.

Get this phone service bridge for $49.99.  Free calls never looked so cheap

Troy Coutu

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