Mass Effect 3 for Xbox 360 with $10 Amazon Gift Card

The long awaited sequel to Mass Effect 2 is almost here! Take command of Shepard on the journey to taking back the planet Earth! And now thanks to Amazon you can get it for $59.99 AND with Free shipping (Compared to other sellers offering it for more and with a shipping cost) and get a bonus $10 Gift card which can be used for other items on Amazon and a special M55 Argus Assault Rifle for the game. Mass Effect 3 has all the elements of gameplay which have made this franchise a success, but now adds even more levels of customization to tailor to your play style even more. The game is released on the 6’th and Amazon will send it out the moment it is, so you can get your hands on  a copy without waiting in lines or dealing with out of stock issues.

Get this game for $59.99 when it releases next Tuesday.  You’ll also get a $10 gift card to Amazon and be able to download a special rifle.

Troy Coutu

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