Kensington BungeeAir Power Wireless Security Tether and Battery for iPhone

Here we have a new type of device specifically for your iPhone! On sale from Amazon is the Kensington BungeeAir Security Tether, and as the name implies its an extra layer of security for your phone and data. It includes the fob, which is a small device which can connect to your keychain, bag or pocketbook and becomes wirelessly tethered to your phone within a certain range. The other component is the security case and built-in battery for the iPhone which not only interfaces with the fob (Via a free downloadable app) But also provides 4 extra hours of talk time to the battery. Based on your settings you can choose your tether length (For example 30 feet) And if your phone happens to escape from you or indeed you from it the fob will vibrate and audibly alarm to let you know, while at the same time your phone will lock and prompt for security key to keep your data safe. Once out of that range you can push a button and signal your phone to alarm so you can find it, or scare off the bad guys. It’s a very nice concept and its well executed here and at a great price too!

Take 40% off the retail price, which makes it $59.24!

Troy Coutu

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