iPhone battery packs can be a God send when in a pinch.  They’re best suited for those on the road, but really they can apply to anyone that doesn’t want to have their phone tethered to the wall.  That said, you still need to charge the battery and for the forgetful this is hardly a resolve to their almost dead battery.  Enter the JuiceTank.

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What’s there to tell about this iPhone case, the JuiceTank?  Well, first and foremost – if you haven’t already figured it out – it features an integrated wall charger directly into the case.  Wowzers.  And unlike the iPhone’s original wall charger, which included a plug that folded from bottom up, this one folds from the outside in simply by hitting a button, which in turn allows the JuiceTank to maintain its slim profile.

The case wil be (it’s a Kickstarter project) crafted from high grade polycarbonate material and finished in a soft touch rubberized coating to prevent slips and ensure a secure fit in loose pockets.  Although the 30-pin slot will be covered, they’ve integrated a micro-USB port for those looking to charge or sync their iPhone.  The two inventors, Jesse Pliner and Lloyd Gladstone, who have been working on this project for 9 months, are currently seeking $125,000 in funding from the Kickstarter community.  Unfortunately, they haven’t said if this wall charger is auto adapting. So we’re not sure if it will work in Europe on 220v plugs.  Nonetheless, they’re seeking a patent, though the case’s design is very reminiscent of Mophie’s JuicePack Plus.

Early birds can get one for $40.

Christen Costa

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