Hulu Plus vs Amazon Prime (comparison)

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Kristie Bertucci is an L.A.-based writer, who can't live without her MacBook Pro. When she's not writing, she's either reading or shopping (online, of course) and loves lazy days so she can catch up on her DVR-recorded shows and movies. She's definitely a Mac girl, she loves music and is currently on a mission to to have an insane and enviable iTunes library.

18 Comments to Hulu Plus vs Amazon Prime (comparison)

  1. Don’t worry, if you”re viewing hulu plus on a ps3, you don’t have to worry about content. Because, your system will spend most of it’s time frozen. Absolute waste!

  2. The best deal is sling box solo 99$ (lifetime) plus DVR service about 12$ a month
    You can stream entire cable programing plus DVR contents , why pay hulu for something you can record your self plus no waitjng .

  3. It is clear to me in viewing the offerings of Amazon Prime (for Kindle Fire) you need to purchase quite a lot to see the same variety of offerings from Hulu+. And you can only do that if you are the Prime subscriber – family users of Amazon Prime can’t use any of those features for Kindle.

  4. William Lucas

    I don’t think the author has used Amazon Prime. Amazon may have a lot of movies and book, but “Amazon Prime” does not have very many movies and books. Be very careful what you oder. If it is not Amazon Prime, they will charge you for it. I download a kindle book explaining how Amazon Prime work. It said it was a Amazon Prime book but Amazon still charged me. Buyer beware when using Amazon Prime.

  5. Smiller5437

    Ok.. So Amazon Prime may offer more, but you have to pay extra for most of what it offers.

  6. This “comparison” looks like it was written by a 16 year old Amazon fangirl. Amazon wins on titles even though (by your own numbers) Hulu has 45,500 titles while Amazon has 10,000 but Amazon wins because they have more movies? What the hell kind of comparison is that? Hulu sells it’s self on TV shows, the movies are just extra. This is the equivalent of saying that Footlocker is a better place to shop than Target because Footlocker sells more shoes. Amazon wins on content because they got contracts with bigger companies? This does not equate to the quality or desires of the audience. Amazon wins 9 to 3 even though three of them are ties? This sounds incredibly misleading. I am just as much a fan of Amazon as the next person, but this comparison is bullshit.

    • Trinkleb

      @Greg, you said everything that I wanted to. One other misleading point was having access to Amazon’s library of Kindle books with the Prime account, which the way it was worded sounds like you can read them for free. This is true, if you have a Kindle, with or without the Prime account. If you’re using the Kindle app for iPad, they are not free, although they are often times at a reduced rate.

      Overall this article was very poorly written.

    • Note :
      “43,000 TV episodes FROM 1,650 current and classic TV shows.”

      According to her numbers, Amazon won because they had 10,000 movies and TV shows. Comparatively, Hulu has 4,150 movies and TV shows (1,650 shows and 2,500 films).

  7. I personally disagree with the conclusion to this article.  In my own evaluation of HuLu+, Netflix and AmazonPrime, Prime came in last for amount of content to watch and I also don’t find it easy to location content included with the Prime subscription.

    HuLu plus while putting ads in their videos (even Youtube does this now, it drives me crazy), is a viable replacement to cable TV.  HuLu is trying to become a 24hour delayed cable TV re-broadcaster.  You get stuff that was on yesterday on your cable service streamed in high def over HuLu and HuLu Plus.  They don’t have everything but they have a huge amount of new content updated every single day.  Even Netflix can’t make this claim. 

    • Bobby3sox

      Hulu plus sucks.  There are so many commercials it’s like watching free TV, only they charge for it.  Netflix is way better if you hate tons of commercials.  Amazon Prime is in between.  

  8. TomasHunter

    Amazon and Hulu are both great services, but I think they are kind of limited on content. I found a service that offers every thing my family needs. We have the Blockbuster @Home service from DISH, my employer. For $10 per month I get streaming to my TV, iPad and PC as well as DVDs, video games and blu-rays by mail or in store. Working for DISH I love how they even include extra movie channels! One service takes care of my entire family and keeps us in all the games and movies we could ever want.

    • Metaledge

       not everyone works for dish network.  So bragging about it is irrelevant to the content  of this article.

      •  the blockbuster pass is available to any DISH customer for 10 bux. The streaming content is extremely limited and the in-store-exchange is handy if you have a store near by, but you can only exchange 1 time per mail reciept (you can’t take an item you exchanged in the store and exchange it for another in-store title; you need to get every other one in the mail at least). i’m working on phasing out my DISH and going to the internet. no one seems to touch whether the amazon account has “current” tv shows like hulu. Anybody know?

          • I havent seen any “current shows” in hulu or netflix. All the shows seem to be a season behind. And, the amount of videos hulus claims to have is misleading, most of the videos i see are like 2 minute shorts of episodes. For example, if i look at a season and it says it has 100+videos for that season, only 13 are actual full episodes, the rest is crap. I dont see why so many people like hulu better then netflix, netflix seems to be more updated when it comes to episodes (i have found netflix sucks for movies, not sure about hulu). Who cares if hulu has more videos when the videos are basically comercials of the tv episode.

        • Dish cost too much. People who are looking at Hulu/Amazon are people who are looking for options besides Dish/Direct TV/Cable.

          So because the blockbuster pass is available to any Dish customer; it will not work for most people who are trying to avoid the now $100/month fee.

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