HP Pavilion Dv6 Laptop Review

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4 Comments to HP Pavilion Dv6 Laptop Review

  1. Donna Brookhaven PA

    I’m typing from the Pavilion Dv6 and Shawn is exactly on the mark! If your looking for a basic e-mail, word, research etc., its been perfect for me. Shawn, I’m forwarding your picture/bio to my 15 year old who excels in digital design, gaming and more. Would love him to see a big handsome guy like yourself would never be a nerd and will go far in the technology world. Wishing you many years of success & Blessings!

    PS-Julien, my son, Apple/Mac, Thunderbult ready

  2. Not a good laptop to buy. I suffered with their pathetic customer care and I do not want anybody else to suffer the same.

    Hard disk failed on the last day of warranty and they are not ready to honor the warranty. Very unapproachable. If you are a student with limited resources and who do not want to buy extended warranty – DO NOT go for this product.

    I made a mistake, I do not want you all to do the same!

  3. The HP Dv6 is a fine laptop for its sub $600 cost of entry. It could use
    a better screen resolution, but it does sport HDMI-out. So you’re not
    always confined to Low-Res Country. Gamers should recognize the
    limitation to their needs as well. All that said, HP has a
    gorgeous-looking solid-functioning addition to their mobile computing library, with the HP Pavilion Dv6 Laptop.

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