Steve Mahan is 95% blind, but was able to take in some Taco Bell and get his dry cleaning with the help of Google’s modified Toyota Prius that was built to drive itself. The car uses technology outed by Goolge back in 2010 and does the work for the person in the driver’s seat. Of course, Mahan wasn’t alone since Morgan Hill Police Department Sergeant Troy Hoefling was in the passenger seat. Mahan is the CEO of the Santa Clara Valley Blind Center in San Jose and does note that the car would change his life and allow him more “independence and flexibility.”

Self-driving cars are well in the works, even though it’s still years until they hit the marketplace. But they are getting closer to becoming an everyday reality. Most recently, Nevada became the first state to have regulations for companies that are testing driverless vehicles back in February.

Kristie Bertucci

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