For Kerry Trebilcock, a 21-year-old dental nurse, sponges and soap bars are a tasty treat. She’s reportedly eaten 4,000 sponges and over 100 bars of soap due to a disorder called pica, which causes sufferers to crave non-food items. She told the Sun that she started to have these weird cravings in 2008, after she got hookworm while in Morocco.

She didn’t seek help until a year later because she was too embarrassed of her disorder, but has since then sought medical help and counseling, which have helped her improve. She continues to still eat a one-inch sponge square and three teaspoons of organic soap with every meal and she prefers lemon- and lime-flavored soaps. While she still eats regular food, she suffers from severe constipation, diarrhea, and stomach cramps because of the non-food items she digests. Others who suffer from pica can crave anything from wood, dirt, rocks and more.

Kristie Bertucci

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