LEGO builder Julius von Brunk has assembled what has to be one of the most awesome and innovative LEGO creations around, combing three stories toys into one! He has combined LEGOS, Nintendo’s Gameboy and Soundwave Transformers Decepticon into a replica of what many consider to be the first handheld gaming system complete with insertable batteries and game cart. The LEGO-based Gameboy transforms into a Soundwave replica that also includes its own version of Laserbeak from the Tetris cartridge.

The builder has titled his unique piece Domaster & Tetrawing, with the entire project a sequel to his y popular Nintendo/Transformers crossover “Plasmashock” the NES Zapper. He notes that the entire build took about a month to complete with the hardest part being able to engineer everything properly. While many would love to buy Domaster & Tetrawing, von Brunk hasn’t released info on if he’ll put the piece up for sale.

Kristie Bertucci

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