While most people have no business firing a handgun (shooting ranges aside), everyone should have a crack at this double barrel handgun called the  AF2011-A1 “Second Century” by Arsenal Firearms.

At a quick glance it appears to be two .45 handguns welded together.  But if peer a bit closer and you’ll see that it isn’t just two Colt 1911-A1 guns glued together.  The grip, trigger and body of the gun have been carefully molded into one solid piece and pulling the trigger allows its owner to fire two .45 bullets simultaneously, delivering a hefty punch to any foe that stands in its way.  However, keep in mind that weight of the gun is probably double over the original and you’ll be spending twice the ammo (as in money) when you hit the range.  Furthermore, recoil should probably be increased, which is quite a kick on a .45, though we doubt it’s also double that of the original .45 Colt 1911.

That all said, a single .45 bullet to the chest should stop most if not all beings in their tracks, so what the impetus is for owning this gun is a bit of mystery, unless you’re a collects of all things AWESOME!

Anyone else notice that the guy in the video is very GTA?

Christen Costa

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