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Thanks to smartphones managing our email’s inbox is easier than ever. Or is it? Take a look at your inbox and you’ll probably notice that the vast majority of the emails you receive are NOT from friends, family or even business contacts. Nope, odds are they’re from newsletters and offer websites, such as Groupon, that you signed up for over the years. This kind of email is called graymail and for many this makes managing, heck even looking at their email a daunting task. The result is missed emails from important contacts and perhaps even missed opportunities, such as a 2 for 1 deal at your local burger joint since it’s buried in a sea of other coupon emails.

So what if there was a tool that quickly and easily helped you manage your inbox allowing you cut through the clutter and get to the stuff that really mattered. In other words, what if there was a way to conquer graymail? Well my friends, there is. And believe it or not it’s called Hotmail. But it’s not your childhood Hotmail. Nope, this Hotmail boasts a set of features to help you combat the Gray mail that has made your inbox a nightmare.

First things first. You don’t need to give up your Gmail, Yahoo or any other email accounts. Hotmail allows you to login to your other email providers and view their inbox directly in Hotmail. You can even send email directly from these accounts in Hotmail so you don’t have to update your contacts with a new email address. Now, for the good stuff.

Hotmail incorporate a set of tools not before seen in any other email provider. While with Gmail and Yahoo email you’ll have to search by sender and then delete “all,” Hotmail allows you to select the individual sender from a single email and perform what is called a “Sweep.” Sweep allows you to quickly move emails into a folder or delete all the emails from a specific sender. Great if you’re inbox is clogged with newsletter and Groupon offers after a 10 day vacation. Pair this with Hotmail’ “Scheduled Cleanup” tool going forward, and you can automatically delete or move newsletters and offer emails that are more than 3, 10, 30 or 60 days old. This will allow you to keep the latest one or two offers from say Amazon Local Deals and disregard what are surely already expired deals.

Once you’ve de-cluttered your inbox using the aforementioned tools, you might want to consider categorizing your emails so you can look at them when you’re ready. Normally this would be a painstaking, manual process. Not so with Hotmail. Hotmail is able to automatically categorize emails with photos attached, emails with Office documents attached, emails from major social networks, emails with shipment tracking info for the major providers, and newsletters (this last one has a 95% accuracy). So your social network updates, photos, shipping information for Amazon orders, flight times and more, are automatically and safely kept in a place you can quickly find it. Of note, you can also manually categorize your emails.

But if you think this is where the buck stops, boy are you wrong. Hotmail incorporates a variety of other tools that help you manage your inbox. You can easily setup up to 5 alias email addresses per year so you don’t have to reveal your actual email address. Don’t want to receive emails, or SPAM to that address any longer? Just delete it and problem solved. And for those that deal in a heavy amount of photos, Microsoft’s Skydrive, a free cloud storage that offers 25GB of space, has been built directly into the all new Hotmail. That makes sharing photos a sinch, since it won’t clog up your or your friend’s inbox.

Needless to say, Hotmail does what no other email provider can do; simplify your life. Learn about smart tools from Hotmail to manage your inbox automatically and conquer graymail.

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