Ah, to be a kid. What a joyous experience, that is assuming you had access to such toys as Big Wheels. No way, no how any kid of today would even begin to know what they are thanks to video games, flat screen TVs, iPhones and tablets. But if you hail from the 80s then you’re very familiar with the iconic toy.

Growing up we used to race down our drive way in groups of 3-5 battling for pole position. While we’d like to pretend it was a duel to the death, there was most certainly a battle component to the event. Fear of hurting ourselves was minimal since the Big Wheels were so low to the ground and speeds slow given their overly large wheels. That said, we’re not sure we would have grown up to see the 90s if we had one of these modded Big Wheels.

Devin Graham, the master mind behind the giant rope swing and Human Sling Shot Slip and Slide, had a few off days while visiting New Zealand. He got wind of these guys who rode modified big wheels and within three hours produced this short, yet awesome looking video depicting them performing drifts and 360s. Clearly the location plays into the beauty and awesomeness of the video, not to mention they’re probably isn’t any other place in the world that boasts such a beautifully paved and wide road overlooking a bay – it just doesn’t get more scenic than that.

Source | Via: Gizmodo

Christen Costa

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