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iphone money clip

iPhone Money Clip


Germ obsessed?  Then this iPhone money clip system probably isn’t for you.  But if you can cope with a bit more added guck, germs and all the possibility of staph infection seeping its way into your face, then have a close look at the Poddities clip. Installation probably doesn’t get any more simple, though...


Pinza Solid Steel Cord Minder


Sometimes, the simplest approach is the best approach.  Case in point is the Pinza Solid Steel Cord Minder.  What’s it do you ask?  It prevents USB cords and those alike – you know, the ones you use to charge your smartphone and other portable gadgets – from slipping behind your nightstand...

Roca Intelligent Drain

Roca Intelligent Drain


Nothing like a little guilt to motivate one into doing, or in this case, not doing something.  Get on a scale.  If you’re overweight you might hold off eating that deep fried Twinkie.  Electricity bill shoots up by $10.  You’ll probably remember to turn off the lights or shut down...

Globe-Trotter Fujifilm X-Pro1 Case

Fujifilm Globe-Trotter X-Pro1 Case Costs just $9,000


Got $9,000 to burn?  That’s what you’ll need if you want to score just one of twelve Fujifilm Globe-Trotter cases. In addition to housing Fujifilm’s X-Pro1, which mind you retails for a whopping $1,700, you’ll also find Harrods exclusive tag and brass plaque, a flash, filter and the camera’s three lenses (18mm,...

face transplant

Doctors Give Man New Face (odd)


Richard Norris of Hillsville, Virginia was underwent what’s said to be the most comprehensive face transplant last week by surgeons from the University of Maryland Medical Center. The 27-year-od man was shot in the face 15 years ago, which made him wear a mask given his face was completely deformed....

TV front

LG 55LM6700 Cinema 3D Smart LED TV Review


Remember that term “xxx is the ‘new’ black?” Well, 55-inch is the new “standard” size for a flat-panel, at least if you want a big screen image that has enough real-estate to show 3D effects well. LG has more than their share of large displays, but the Cinema Screen provides...