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Kogeto Dot Review


In the 90s DVD technology emerged.  And guess what, porn manufacturers were the first to take the most advantage of it (some argue that DVD took off because of the porn industry).  Often they marketed their their unsavory videos with multiangle shots.  Please, it was a total marketing ploy and...

8-Bit Pale Ale

8-bit Pale Ale

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Redbull and Monster are generally the choice beverage of video game junkies, but what’s a player to do if they want to get their buzz on?  Grab one of these: the 8-bit Pale Ale. Before all of you cry marketing ploy, consider that Tall Grass Beer uses two types of...




Stepping on the bathroom scale ain’t exactly a walk in the park.  The experience is usually more closely tied to that of a roller coaster ride, which is to say it’s usually full of fear and hesitation.  So how about a scale that offers a bit more pizazz and game...

CamOne Infinity

CamOne Infinity (video)


Jump out of a plane, go knee deep in the fluffiest of powder or perform a triple back flip and you can all but guarantee one of GoPro’s action cams is strapped to the action.  However, one drawback of this camera is that it only rocks a fixed lens.  So you can...


Star Wars 35th Anniversary R2-D2 and C-3PO Statues


In less than 2 month’s time, Star Wars would have debuted in movie theaters 35 years ago.  Yes, it’s been that long since this iconic space saga began.  It’s hard to believe that a 35-year old film still out classes the newer, more expensive ones.  But lets face it, sometimes...