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spotify-vs-iTunes Match

Spotify vs iTunes Match (comparison)


Background The Apple iCloud service debuted toward the end of last year and isn’t a music streaming subscription site, but rather acts as a music locker service where the emphasis is on the music you already own. Instead of streaming music, you download it and purchase music on a track-by-track...

Climbing Wall Home-1

Climbing Wall Home (pics)


This home’s unassuming outside anything but represents what lay behind its concrete walls. [nggallery id=213] Sure, there is the standard living room, bathroom and even car port.  But what sets this Japanese home apart from the other rather drab homes in the area is a climbing wall that runs the...

Escort Carbon Fiber Daggers

Escort Carbon Fiber Daggers


If you live in a sketchy neighborhood, odds are you probably carry some sort of weapon, perhaps a knife, to protect yourself from assailants and thieves.  If you’re on foot you don’t want to be beleaguered by a weighty knife.  Heck, even a small blade can be encumbering. The Escort Carbon...


Ducati Monster Diesel


How’d you like to slip into a pair of Diesel jeans and then crawl onto a Ducati motorcycle inspired by the clothing brands lead designer, Renzo Rosso?  The two companies recently got together and gave birth to the Monster Diesel, something they’re calling an “urban military chic” inspired motorcycle. Technically the bike is...

Skinth Magnum

Skinth Magnum


There is an unwritten rule when it comes to cell phones: never wear the hip case no matter the circumstance.  Simply put there is just no way to justify this aesthetic blemish you’re objectifying the world to.  Of course, exceptions can be made.  Take for instance the cable man or just about...


Sony BDP-S580 Blu-ray Disc Player Review


Blu-ray players used to be exorbitantly expensive — my first was a PlayStation 3  because the price of the Blu-ray mechanism and a game console was actually more cost-effective than a Blu-ray player alone. But for most folks their first Blu-ray player was a  major investment not be taken lightly...

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