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LEGO R2D Ultimate

LEGO Ultimate Collector Series R2-D2


[GR]kqCjdi8phSc[/GR] LEGOs – child’s play.  Unless of course you’re talking about the Ultimate Collector series.  These sets often incorporate a vast number of pieces, a display plaque, an exuberant cost over the traditional toys and needless to say, excessive detail. Finally taking shape, though it won’t hit stores until May...

Kebo Bottle Opener

Kebo One Handed Bottle Opener

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Turn out, that up until this point we’ve been going about our bottle opening all wrong.  We’ve long resorted to the tradtitional bottle opener, wine key or heck, even a bic lighter (this last one works great in a pinch, and someone always has one at a party).  That said...


Spray Paint Machine Gun


Getting gunned down as a result of protesting against an oppressive nation, that’s one thing.  But getting shot while spray painting the word “protest,” which, sure, is in the same vein, but that just seem straight up Darwinian. This is the Spraygun Machine Gun.  Okay, yes it’s symbolic of so much more, but we...

Snap Skateboard

Snap Skateboard


We’d take great heed in riding any board that can fold up.  Would you ride a foldable surfboard, boogie boards, skim board, snow board or skateboard? [GR]wqa-0bN7w_A[/GR] The Snap Skateboard is constructed of 6061-T6, high grade aluminum and outfitted with 56mm premium wheels with ABEC 7 bearings.  But that’s hardly the mainstay...

Redbull Skydive

Red Bull Stratos 71,000 Foot Test Jump (video)


[GR]r-TCO2IdoTA[/GR] The Red Bull Stratos project is moving ahead nicely as Austria’s Felix Baumgartner jumped out of a space capsule from an altitude of approximately 71,580 on March 15 in New Mexico. The 42-year-old pilot rode the space capsule that was attached to a giant helium balloon above the so-called...