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Sony Bloggie 3D Review

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3D cameras are cool, but often they’re a pain to use. That “pain” translates to their being left aside while regular 2D digital cameras get center stage. So you’d think that any camera that can shoot 3D video in high-def AND 3D pics would get precedent over its 2D cousin?...


Nike Fuelband Review


Pedometers have long existed. But let’s be honest, they’re for middle aged, over weight women. There is nothing cool, rad or hip about them. Those of the younger, more stylish generation are attracted to sleeker looking products that complement their lifestyle, not ones that contradict it. Nike’s Plus service emerged...

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse two-tone blue

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse


Bugatti makes more than just cars, they make masterpieces for the road and have released their latest creation at the 2012 Geneva Motor show—the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse, which is the roadster version of the world’s fastest car. The roadster version of the Veyron Super Sport is capable...

Steampunk Wine Decorking Machine

Steampunk Wine De-Corking Machine (video)


[GR]ZNUdowYZJlw[/GR] Have a glass of vino with someone from 100 years ago and they’d probably be astonished to learn just how many corkscrews apparatuses lay in the aisle of Bed Bath and Beyond.  That said, none to this day are nearly as impressive as this contraption. Built by mechanical sculptor...

Human Domino

Human Domino (video/odd)


[GR]VSwfqaVeCWs[/GR] Standing and aligning 850 dominos is a feat in and upon iteself, right?  Now try organizing an 850 person human domino event. That’s right, 850 people assembled in New Orleans to complete the world record for the largest human domino ever.  The video has all the details you need,...


JuiceTank: iPhone Wall Charging Case


iPhone battery packs can be a God send when in a pinch.  They’re best suited for those on the road, but really they can apply to anyone that doesn’t want to have their phone tethered to the wall.  That said, you still need to charge the battery and for the...

Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 Box Art_0

Mass Effect 3 Review (Xbox 360)


Mass Effect 2 was one of the hottest games last year, proving that not all sequels have to suck.  It was the perfect telling of the classic Space Opera, and everyone had hoped that Mass Effect 3 would be able to build on the fantastic groundwork that was laid and...