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Flutter: Play/Pause Spotify with a Hand Gesture (video)


Giz had this, so did Technabob, but there is no shame in us posting it.  In fact, we wouldn’t have found this awesome free software called Flutter that allows you to play and pause your music (or video) with a “stop” hand gesture if it weren’t for those sites. [GR]IxsGgW6sQHI[/GR]...


Roboglove (video)


Heading to space?  Then you’ll want one of these, the Robo-Glove. It’s effectively the same thing as those robo suits we’ve seen developed for the military.  However, this glove is light weight – no more than 2lbs – and is powered using an off the shelf battery, at least for now....

10470Reality Fighters Logo

Reality Fighters Review (PS Vita)


Although there are two fully functional fighters that went out with the Vita when it launched (BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend and Marvel vs Capcom 3), these were not anything exclusive to the Vita.  Leave it to Sony then to ensure that Vita owners everywhere can have a fighter that only...


Mercedes Invents an Invisible Car (video)


[GR]ZIGzpi9lCck[/GR] This is beyond cool.  You’ve heard of invisible cloaks, right?  If not, check it.  Mercedes utilized the same principle to create an invisible car and promote their new fuel cell vehicle, the F-Cell, which apparently doesn’t produce any noxious fumes and thus is “invisible” to God’s green earth. To...

Xperia sola

Xperia sola (video)

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Today, Sony unveiled the Xperia sola, their latest Android powered handset.  We’re not sure if it will ever arrive State side, but if it does, here’s what you can expect. A 3.7-inch “reality display” (this sounds like an attempt to match Apple’s Retina display) sits front and center boasting a 854×480 pixel...


Unit 13 Review (PS Vita)


Unit 13 is the first full fledged third person shooter for the PS Vita – yes Uncharted has shooting elements, but that isn’t the core of the gameplay there.  Since the developer is Zipper and they’ve made amazing third person shooting games for quite some time, people will go into...


Cannondale Hooligan Review


Cannondale has come a long way since their inception in 1971 – their company was originally created to manufacture backpacks and things for camping, now though they are known as one of the top companies that makes high end bicycles.  They have been pioneers in the field of using carbon...