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LEGO Space Shuttle

LEGO Space Shuttle Flies 115,000 Feet (video)


[GR]bluQ4eOeBwo[/GR] Building a LEGO Space shuttle isn’t exactly awe inspiring.  Send it to space?  Now we’re talking. Teenager Oaida Raul teamed up with Steve Sammartino to send a Lego Space Shuttle 115,000 feet into the Earth’s upper atmosphere.  Needless to say, the video looks pretty fake, though for now we’re...


OMEGA Spacemaster Z-33


OMEGA watches have a nuance and legacy that has long gone umatched.  Adding to their allure and a history of unique time pieces is the Spacemasteer Z-33. Encased inside the titanium body is a combination of old meets new tech.  The design incorporates a set of analog hands complemented by two...


Intoxicase Plus iPhone Case (video)

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It was totally kosher to store and display all beers drank during your college days, but now that you’ve graduated, entered the world of professional bean counters, you gotta seek a more mature, gentlemen like approach.  So how does one keep tally of all the beers they’ve consumed?  Simple, you...

Double Barrel Handgun-2

Double Barrel Handgun (video)


While most people have no business firing a handgun (shooting ranges aside), everyone should have a crack at this double barrel handgun called the  AF2011-A1 “Second Century” by Arsenal Firearms. [GR]BM-DGaNmtA0[/GR] At a quick glance it appears to be two .45 handguns welded together.  But if peer a bit closer and...


Infinity Blade Dungeons (video)

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      [GR]4Rp-TTtpU0I[/GR] Infinity Blade set the iPad gaming world alight with its stunning graphics and game play that perfectly suited the 9.8-inch tablet.  Now, the company is set to release a prequel to the two part series called Dungeons, and based on this short video we’re gonna go...