Daily Archives: March 6, 2012

Hand Massager

Hand Reflexology Massager


Have you seen the movie “Dune?”  The protagonist, played by a young Kyle MacLachlan, must place his hand in a box that contains the heat of a thousand volcanoes.  Which is anything like this Hand Reflexology Massager from Hammacher  Schlemmer. The at home massage therapy box costs $120 and uses a mechanical...

Superman vs Hulk Featured

Superman Vs. Hulk (video)


Can Superman impregnate a human woman?  The question has long remained a debate amongst comic book nerds.  And as much as we’d like to know the answer, the question seems trivial after watching these Superman Vs Hulk videos by Michael Habjan. [GR2]BbizTBYs-rQ[/GR2] [GR2]hI_yEQ6Xh1s[/GR2] So far Habjan has produced two short videos...

Korker Snow Shoes

Korkers SnowJack Boots


Snow can quickly turn into black ice.  But you won’t know it until you take a dinger, land on your back and spend the next few days laid up in your bed.  Odds all you’ll miss out on all the fun the winter has to offer, and then you’ll be...


Men In Black 3 Trailer #2 (video)


[GR]RiweqN78BVU[/GR] Men in Black 3 will hit theaters May 25th, 2012 and let’s just hope it’s better than the last.  The likelihood of that being the case is pretty damn good and you might agree after you watch the above trailer.   The film stars Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones...