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Han Solo Carbonite Crayons

Han Solo in Carbonite Crayons


By now we know all too well that Han Solo frozen in Carbonite comes in all shapes and sizes (so to speak).  There is the Han Solo in Carbonite flash drive, Han Solo in Carbonite coffee table, the Han Solo in Carbonite chocolate bar and the Han Solo in Carbonite...

Wacom Intuos5 Tablet

Wacom Intuos5 Tablet (video)

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Although we’ve still got our hearts set on Wacom’s Cintiq 24-inch touchscreen monitor, their latest offering, the Intuos5 is an appropriate runner up. [GR]mSA3w6Af6IQ[/GR] Like many of Wacom’s tablet of a time before, this one also boast 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, a pen with its own sensor, express keys...

Big Wheel Drifting

Big Wheel Drifting (video)


[GR]BNZCZsHJIR8[/GR] Ah, to be a kid. What a joyous experience, that is assuming you had access to such toys as Big Wheels. No way, no how any kid of today would even begin to know what they are thanks to video games, flat screen TVs, iPhones and tablets. But if...

Wounded Leg Garters

Open Wound Garter Belts

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It’s never to early to prepare for Halloween, right? Check out these Openwound Gartered Prosthetics from Etsy seller OpenWoundFX (we should have guessed).  Unfortunately, wearing these aren’t as simple as slipping on a pair of nylons – wouldn’t that be nice.  Instead, you’ll have to adhere a fake skin prosthetic to...