Zoom H2n Handy Recorder Review

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Zoom H2n Handy Recorder
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6 Comments to Zoom H2n Handy Recorder Review

  1. As domeone who uses portable recorders in the field, I would NEVER want a built in rechargable battery. Say your in the middle of recording a croud track for a benifit cd and the bands are playing all day. Your batteries are about to die. When they take a break or even between songs you can pop in a new set of batteries. With a built in rechargable your out of commission for a couple of hours. Of course unless you perefer hooking up to your laptop in the middle of a mosh pit…. I didn’t think so. If you like to save the environment and use rechargable batteries, you can use nickle metal hydride batteries and the unit even has a setting to account for the voltage differences from alkaline batteries. Being self contained and small has many advantages. If all your doing is tooling around in your bedroom recording your latest sobfest to your ex girlfriend then something that needs to be connected to another computer is fine but for real world field work zoom has nailed it.

  2. I’m a little confused, I used my H2N then transfered to my computer, deleted all the files,when I check the folders and files it says empty but then when I tried to record again it said the SD card was full so I had to re format and then re do my settings. what am I doing wrong or missing.

  3. The H2n can use rechargeable NiMH batteries, it says so in the manual. The menus do not take any time to get use to, they are controlled by two controls that are next to each other. So they can be operated while holding the recorder in one hand, with a thumb. The microphone gain control is a wheel, this is a big pro, as buttons can produce clicking noise in a recording. Not only is the gain controlled with a wheel, it is in a convenient location for single hand operation, with all the other controls.
    Since when is any recorder with external cords attached to it, convenient? All three of your cons, appear to be like you were grasping for something to put in the con list, to offset your pro list.
    I had a chance to record a band Saturday night. It was the first time I ever used anything to record in this way. When I took the recording home, and loaded it into Wavelab LE, I was floored at the amount of control I had over the sound. I used one feature to add a second voice to the singer, to give him a bigger sound, like there were two people singing together. It was completely adjustable. Then I used other controls to adjust the stereo separation, and another to raise the vocals a little over the instruments. All that from a novice. All the reviews I watched in YouTube were done by people who use these recorders, and have the H2 and other recorders to compare it to. I suggest that anyone wanting to know about how good this recorder is, watch some of the higher rated YouTube videos,

  4. Just purchased a Zoom H2n today from BB and it’s going back tomorrow. I was under the impression that it could be used as a USB mic but Win 7 just won’t recognize it.
    For $200 i expected a solid design but the Zoom has a cheap plastic feel with sub par controls, feels like it’s going to break any second…

    • You can use it as a USB mic.  I use it for Skype.  You just need to rename the device as USB Mic since some softwares needs the device named as mic.  I also use windows 7.

    • The H2n makes a terrific USB microphone. Don’t let your technical abilities urge you to say things that are not true. Your first post should have asked for help, not criticize the product. Also, the fact that the H2n can be used as a USB microphone is in the manual. Did you read it? Take it back to the store only because you have no need for a recorder like that. If you had a need for a recorder, you will pay big bucks to exceed the abilities of the H2n with anything else. You won’t exceed them by much, even at double the price.

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