The idea of a self chilling can isn’t exactly new.  In fact, word of an actual beverage manufacturer using such a piece of tech has been circulating for longer than we can remember.  Aside from the technological hurdles, price is a massive deterrent since it could very well increase the cost of a $1 soda three to four fold.  However, all these speed bumps haven’t stopped Joseph Company International (who?).

They’ve got plans to release the first self chilling can (no outside power source needed) to the commercial marketplace by the end of March.  The beverage will be called West Coast Chill.  Each can of West Coast Chill will cost $3 and with the push of a button can drop the temperature of the can’s contents by 30 degrees in just 3 minutes time.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: you’re worried about to the green house effects of such an apparatus.  Well don’t.  According to Gizmag they’ve used “activated carbon derived from organic renewable vegetable materials, and carbon dioxide reclaimed from the atmosphere.”  In other words they’re harmless to the Earth’s atmosphere and can apparently be easily recycled into future West Coast Chill cans.

Source | Via: Gizmag

Christen Costa

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