Carl-Frederic Salicath, a freelance photographer, has built a totally working functional Twin-Lens Reflex (TLR) using 120-film out of LEGO blocks. Inspired by Cary Norton who built himself a 4×5-inch large-format camera also made from LEGOs last year. Unlike Norton’s, whose camera didn’t have any moving parts, Salicath wanted to use 120-film and needed to somehow incorporate a winding system, shutter and an aperture to control light. He actually took apart old pair of binoculars for the lenses, which he’s called “the Legoflex.” He then built the camera out of LEGOs around the lenses.

But the project wasn’t exactly totally easy to build and he came across some difficulties throughout the process. He obviously overcame them all to create the colorful and unique camera that works and can take pretty decent pictures given it’s made from a children’s toy. Salicath actually chronicled the entire build in his blog.

Kristie Bertucci

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