Tesla Motors ahs released info on its Model X, which his its new crossover the electric-only automaker will put into production by 2014. The plug-in electric crossover is based on the same platform as the Model S sedan (which Tesla says it will go into full production this summer), but the X is wider and actually has some styling cues that make it look like a DeLorean, such as its “falcon wings” that are gullwings that fold up. The Model X is also taller and has a third row that faces forward rather than backward. Tesla says that its new Mode X is supposed to be priced at about $60,000 to $80,000, which is the same as its Model S sedan.

According to Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, the Model X will be offered in both rear- and four-wheel-drive versions, with the four-wheel-drive using two independent electric motors and will have a 0-60 mph time in the 4.4 second range.

Kristie Bertucci

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