70,448 frames instead of 69,550 may not sound like much of a difference, but when you consider that it is in regard to a mosaic – a Star Wars mosaic of all things –  it can make a big difference.  Avinash Arora recreated The Last Supper using 70,448 individual, yes individual images from the Star Wars blu-ray player.  A previous version used 69,550 images and as you can see from the above it has paid off in awe.  Let’s say that in another way: this image, which portrays Luke Skywalker as Jesus from the Last Supper painting, is made up of really teeny tiny images that are pulled from the Star Wars blu-ray movies.

What’s also impressive is that Avinash has created a 200dpi and 900dpi for your printing needs, for free!  Just hit the Source button below.

Source | Via: Gizmodo

Christen Costa

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