Sony SSF-5000 Floor Standing 3-way Speaker (Pair)

We’ve seen a good amount of speaker sets in our deal-hunting days but it’s not very often that we are graced with a great deal on LARGE speakers. Yes, that’s right Amazon now has these Sony Floor Standing speakers on sale for just $100.48! These speakers as implied by their floor standing nature are large enough to give you that crazy audio punch you’ve been looking for. Whether you’re looking to fill the room (Or even the house) with music or the sound of your favorite movies from your home theater here’s the right tools for the job. Both of the speakers in this pair include 3 drivers and a woofer for sound across all spectrums. The tweeter is 1-Inch, the driver is 3.25-Inches and the woofer is 8-Inches. With this three-way sound you can hear every detail without needing several other speakers and of course because they are floor standing they’re incredibly easy to set up and start using.

Grab this pair of floor standing speakers for just $100.48 after $99.52 savings!

Troy Coutu

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