Sony Playstation 3D Display Review

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Playstation 3D Display
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11 Comments to Sony Playstation 3D Display Review

  1. We do not “see at 24Hz.” Whoever told you that was perpetuating a blatantly false idea. If you can’t see the difference between videos or games at 60 FPS and 24 then it’s just your eyes. You would be the exception. An normal person can see a large difference in smoothness.

  2. I don’t know why people keep calling it a TV when it is a monitor. I’m not sure that a standard PC monitor would have more connection ports than the Playstation display. If you look at it as a TV or compare it to aTV you would wonder why it doesn’t have a tuner, more connection ports or a remote and take away from it’s review score. If you see it for what it is you can truly appreciate it’s technology. It is a monitor designed with the playstation in mind offering crisp picture quality, 3D and simulview so gamers can play 2 player games without having to split the screen.

  3. I’m an owner of one of these displays and I want to warn you guys it does have some serious over heating problems. I’m having to use a fan for the TV in order to keep it from over heating and completely blacking out. I know some people have had to completely return their unit due to actual damage from the heating. Mine hasn’t crapped out yet but I’m sure it would have if I had not been keeping it cool.

  4. 3D Display User

    You’re welcome.

    By the way 3D works fine with my PC as well (nVidia GTX 680), no hacks required, at least the games I’ve tried including Crysis 2.

  5. This is something i am considering using with my computer. i hope the 3d works as good on the computer with this monitor as it does with the PS3.

  6. Eduard Laczi

    Thank you 3D display user for giving that tip on the monitor sharpness! I have to say I love the screen. It works phenomenal in my office, but it was lacking that sharpness for text. I’m in and out spreadsheets and text files all day, it was driving me nuts! With your help I just turned down the sharpness all the way and it voila, the rest is history!

  7. 3D Display User

    I often see the complaint about text not being clear on this display when used as a PC monitor, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  

    Go into the settings of this display, turn the SHARPNESS to 0.  Text on your PC is clear as the best “monitors” out there.  The sharpness image processing of this set does something funny that makes Cleartype/Font rendering look out of wack – it isn’t a fault of the panel at all.

    Please try this, and revise the article as needed.  I use this thing 90% for PC, in fact, it is my primary monitor for software development now.  I actually  moved my PS3 from my 46″ 120hz set to this thing on my desk because it’s so convenient to just switch to it and play a few quick games and enjoy the 3D titles and blu-rays.  It isn’t much of a social display, but for a desk display it’s great.

    Not to say this thing doesn’t have issues, mostly with quality control.  I am on my second display after the backlight on the first one died after only 2 weeks.  My second one has some stuck subpixels.  Many others report on the playstation forums of various issues with quality control – but once you get a good one they are excellent displays especially at the recent sale prices of $299.  I am even considering getting a second.

    I just wish Sony would have some response to the common quality issues.  So far it seems they have not made (or at least not distributed) any sets after the first batches made in August and September of 2011.  I would love to get my hands on one made later that perhaps had a bit more care placed in the construction and testing before being sent out of the factory.

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