What?!  Turns out that the Red Bull Stratos mission has yet to transpire.  It was years ago, or so it seemed, that we first heard about the Stratos.  A pilot, named Felix Baumgartner will float to 120,000 feet and return to the Earth’s surface without any mechanical dohickeys, just a space suit and sh*t load of gumption.  During his descent to terra firma he”ll achieve the speed of sound and from what we understand no one really knows if he’ll survive.

But, if he does safely return, he’ll not only be the first man to accomplish the speed of sound without an aircraft, but set the record for the longest free fall in the record books (5 minutes and 30 seconds).  The record was previously set by  Joe Kittinger, who jumped from a height of 102, 800 feet in 1960.

Felix already boast a number of world records, which include highest parachute dive from a building when he jumped from the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; the first person to cross the English Channel in freefall using a specially made fibre wing and more.

A launch date has yet to be announced, but when it does, they’ll be launching the three hour ascent from Roswell, New Mexixo, where conditions are said to be favorable.

Christen Costa

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