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iPhone Pepper Spray Case

iPhone Pepper Spray Case


It’s really is a crying shame that the iPhone stun gun was just vaporware.  Nonetheless, it was a remarkeable idea as echoed by the blogosphere.  Heck, we even wrote about it and while we had odds that it was completely fake, we still hoped one would show up at our...


iPocketWatch: iPad Nano Pocket Watch


In the last few months we’ve seen more and more people repurpose their iPad Nano as a watch.  This is in large part due to the influx of iPad Nano watch wrist bands that have flooded the market.  Adding to the mix of choices is one young designer out of...


HP 2311x 23-inch WLED Monitor Review

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Are you old enough to remember “big-butt” monitors, or CRT displays, by which they are more professional referred? I’ve spoken to some teens who don’t. To them I say, “It sucks to be you!” For you know not, the appreciation for which we old fogies place on the simple things–things...


50-cal Bullet Bottle Opener


At the end of the day a bottle opener is a bottle opener.  Some work better than others, some are metal, some are plastic, some are embedded into an iPhone case and some don’t work on the first try.  That said, you can bet there is no other bottle opener...

Camelback All Clear

CamelBak All Clear UV Water Bottle


Camelback’s Grove water bottle might be effective when it comes purifying water laced with lead, but microbes, that’s probably an entirely different story.  For that you need the Camelbak All Clear. Much like the Grove, the All Clear can purifer the water to a consumable level.  But the Grove is...

Captain America UD Replica

Captain America Motorcycle Suit


So you got yourself a motorcycle.  You could make yourself look like the ultimate tool and be the point of ridicule by adorning one of those brightly colored, suction cup mountable mohawks.  Or, you could drop some serious loot on UD Replicas’ – the same folks that brought us the...

AK47 Vodka Bottle

AK-47 Vodka Bottle


It may seem too blissful to be true, but we actually found the perfect, and we mean P-E-R-F-E-C-T complement to the AK-47 ice cube tray.  We’re not kidding, it really is the ultimate match.  What is it?  An AK-47 Vodka Bottle!  It doesn’t get more fitting than that, does it?...