Motorola Droid Razr Maxx vs. Samsung Galaxy Nexus (comparison)

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23 Comments to Motorola Droid Razr Maxx vs. Samsung Galaxy Nexus (comparison)

  1. James Hardy

    the statment about them having the same processor is incorrect. they both are listed as 1.2 TI OMAP processors but the Maxx has a 1 ghz TI OMAP 4430 processor that is overclocked to 1.2ghz while the Nexus has a 1.5ghz TI OMAP 4460 that is underclocked to 1.2 ghz so where the 1.2 ghz is pushing the limits of what the RAZR and RAZR Maxx can do it isn’t scratching the surfase of what the Galexy Nexus is capable of. Point Nexus.

  2. Battery is the only decision making factor. My friends used to argue that their Iphone 4 was better until we went for a outdoor trip where finding a power outlet was close to impossible and my atrix with gingerbread lasted much longer than anybody else with frequent use.

  3. no need to be buttholes… fact is maxx has the battery life and well… is very important. worrying about charging your phone can be the most annoying thing in the world. 2nd fact is nexus has a better screen… which if u care about watching movies and need the better quality i don’t see why u would be watching something on a phone vs a tablet. Soooooo day to day normal people stuff MAXX wins. if your weird and watch movies ect and count pixels under a microscope get the nexus.

  4. Serious Questions – I know the Nexus has an option of an extended battery available but it isn’t as big as the Maxx and its extra cost – but how does it compare?

    I read that the Maxx internal memory is partioned into 8 and 8 then you have the 16 on the SD which could be upgraded to 32.  The Nexus has 32 internal but presumably partiioned somehow.  I’m switching from a BBerry to an Android – what does this memory thing really mean?

    Thank you!

  5. Haha what good is it to have everything built into the galaxy nexus when its going to only last a few hours, give me the bigger battery any day

  6. I’m currently using the Razr but will get the Razr Maxx soon and give my Razr to my wife. I’ve been very happy with my Razr, especially since I upgraded from an HD2. Pikover didn’t take the entire package into account when making the comparison. MotoCast is a game changer, in that MotoCast gives me access to my entire media server, documents and pictures from anywhere I’m at. I can stream music from my home into my car while driving (real life example). I really enjoy the fact that any pix/video I take is uploaded to my home computer, automatically.  My wife can look at a a new photo on our media server, no email or MMS needed. Nexus ain’t doing that either. It really is cloud-type access without 3rd party servers.

    I got the HD dock (Costco special package) that not only triggers extra options but the hdmi cable connects to my tv and turns my smartphone into a mini-netbook. The Nexus can’t do that.

    I compared these two phones and decided that the Razr was going to be a better long term investment due to the extras and motorola’s ecosystem of s/w and devices.  Plus, in a few months I get ICS which means that my great Razr(s) not only has all the fun stuff that Nexus doesn’t, I get the goodies the Nexus has now. Not seeing where Nexus is a better choice for long term happiness.

  7. Woah . . . . Author seems to have been paid by samsung . . . . Razr maxx is still thinner than nexus

  8. These two phones do not have the same processor. The RAZR Maxx has a TI OMAP 4430, and the Galaxy Nexus has an OMAP 4460.

    • The whole Idea is to carry less gear.  I have extra batteries for previous phones, all left in the drawer at home when I needed them.  Smart phones have, from the beginning, been battery drainers.  I have always kept mine on a charger, home or car whenever possible to avoid a dead battery.  The MAXX doesn’t have this problem.

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