iPod Touch vs. Sony Walkman Z (comparison)

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iPod Touch vs Son Z Walkman
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Spawned in the horrendous heat of a Los Angeles winter, James was born with an incessant need to press buttons. Whether it was the car radio, doorbells on Halloween or lights, James pushed, pressed and prodded every button. No elevator was left unscathed, no building intercom was left un-rung, and no person he’s known has been left un-annoyed.

49 Comments to iPod Touch vs. Sony Walkman Z (comparison)

  1. Alright… You are just one of those Apple-no-backbone-having-loser that buys everything in sight that has anything to do with Apple. I swear Apple is so damn overrated and sucks so bad… like really bad. I mean just the overall hardware of Ipods, Iphones,a nd Ipads are absolutely horrendous. They lack creativity and look lso cheesy like they want to make it look simple but it’s just stupid to be honest. Anyways, back to my main point, the Sony Walkman completely destroys the Ipod in every aspect. Sound… Don’t even get me started.
    For the authors of this weakly produced article, get that “Apple is the best” mindset out of here. Like seriously, brainwashing at its best.

  2. SQ wasn’t mentioned and the ‘Apple Fandom’ simply radiated from this article.

    On a more serious note I see there is no hope for a decently speced out PMP unless you pay off these guess to make something extremely personalized Price seems to be the first and final say when it comes to these PMPs which is understandable (and un-subsidized smartphone runs upwards of $300-$1000 $_$) It doesn’t help that the audiophile community is jaded in their beliefs either (seriously, a completely lopsided specialized device this day in age is acceptable to them) An all rounder with superior audio, and power to spare wouldn’t be so far-fetched if Cowon Sony and even Samsung would make the device. Cowon already tried, failed since the CPU in the D3 was crap but it is possible and I’d like to see it.

  3. god dam!! were the sound quality part???? i will tell you about sound quality: sony is the absulot winner on the sound quality!!!!!!!!!!!!! apple hate to talk a bout sound qualiy when she standing vs sony, and why is that? very simple: apple knows that sony is nomber one on sound quality part. sony is the best sounding all over the world/ you hear me apple?
    so, please stop boolshiting us with your crap. camera? camera on mp3 player???
    get out of here.

  4. Fuckyouthatswho

    Okay….so this is an mp3 player comparison…..with no sound quality comparison?….macfag detected.

  5. This ‘review’ is terribly biased, not to mention the author doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about. This quote was the icing on the cake for me, “For a bigger device, which should have a bigger battery, this shouldn’t be”. Also, the Appearance, Processor, and Camera sections are more or less irrelevant. The processor would be, but there’s apparently no info on either processor… The size category is horribly written, the author contradicts himself multiple times and claims that the Walkman is “preposterously thick”.

  6. Cowon Z2 would be better than both.
    Apple sounds okay and walkman cannot play lossless files so you’d probably give it a tie for sound or give sony an edge for the enhancements if you wish but I personally would give apple the edge here.
    MP3 enhanced is still not better than lossless. Apple has more apps. This is from someone who has used both android and IOS. Most of the android apps are crap. Majority of ipod apps are free anyway and you can jailbreak it or whatnot. The camera on the iPod touch sucks it’s just an emergency kinda thing but it’s still better than nothing. These two are probably even I’d get the iPod for OS and Memory though.

  7. Diablo1489

    Evn my cheapest of all SONY NWZ 2 GB (Its cheaper dan a shuffle) kicks the shit out of ipod touch when it comes to music quality. That should say all about Apple.

  8. This review is shit. the walkman kicks the ipods ass by a long shot. and the battery life on my walkman can play atleast 45 hrs of continuous audio playback due to the juice defender app. Plus they didnt mention ccustomiztion abilities which is far greater on the walkman.

  9. Author seems very subjective on the appearance part. You survey people who use neither Walkman nor Touch, The answer will definitely be Walkman, it looks elegant!!!

  10. This is the most stupid review l’ve seen/read. The author doesn’t have any sense of audiophile.

  11. You my good sir, are what they call a monumental imbecil. A pretty shitty review I must say. If you are looking for one of the most powerful DAP’s in the market, and you have got a nice pair of BA IEM’s or a set of full sized headphones, then get the Walkman. If you didn’t understand a shit of what I just mentioned, get the crappy iPod.

  12. u did it…u just proved iRetards r really stupid :))) …i wanna listen some music…so what do i do ? im askin myself…which one is preetier ? which one has bigger camera…which one has a better OS?…yes…ur a really iDumb…keep checkin these facts when u buy something u keep in ur pocket 90% of the time…and in YOUR EARS 100% of the time …hi-quality headphones SUCK big time in medium quality players..
    ..headphones ONLY sound great in ipods when u have NOTHING to compare them to..after that…u start to realize what a worthless piece of s#!t ipods are

  13. there is no need for a comparison like that.
    if you use Apple earphones or off the shelf budget earphones : iPod touch hands down.
    if you use multi-armature or elite dynamic driver, thousand-dollar earphones and use the word DAP instead of MP3 Player : Walkman Z hands down.

  14. hehehe author got smashed…why i dont see any of his inteliigent review in this page..i only hear abuse for the author…LOL

  15. AwfulReviewer

    lol. This author sure don’t know his products well enough to review them. People buy ipod touch because it’s fashionable, friendly usage with large storage space. While Z walkman’s aim is totally different. Since this is a PMP, SOUND quality much?? Does ipod plays flac? How much is ipod’s ram? You sound like a cheap consumer who just want to get the most of the most hip item but neglect to notice that a PMP’s most important factor is sound quality….. Otherwise why would one pay so much for a Z walkman?? Brain usage much??!

  16. Biasreview

    Its like comparing a porsche 911 against a mazda FD3S and claiming the 911 is the winner for all other aspects apart from the core performance factor.

    It goes to show how much people should avoid this site.

  17. The SOUND QUALITY is very important thing to make me buy  a PMP device. Sony Walkman Z gives me the best sound quality. It also has a millions of free software on android market.

  18. Both are music player. the one importance thing is qualities of sound and headphones.
    sorry for my English..

  19. Yeah, you forgot (or maybe neglected) to mention about the audio quality.. Even I’m an Apple user (I’m not a fan-boy because I’m a fan of other brands & OS too, so I think I’m a gadget-freak)… the “iFanBoys” are really irritating! Btw, from my experience Sony Walkman offers better sound quality than iPod has and Sony also has a better headphone. We’re talking about PMP which probably Sony Walkman might be a winner in overall area. IF SONY excel in audio quality then the design, the processor (why I need better processor to play audio files? I’m not going to convert them with my PMP), camera (who need it anyway?), price (if the price is more expensive because the audio quality is better then it’s okay, okay?), OS are not the matter.

  20. I bought mine today (32GB) and I must say this thing sounds freaking awesome. I don’t understand all of the audio options yet, that’s how many there are(for the headphones as well as the internal speakers) but I got all day to tinker with it. By the way, who cares about a camera, I already got my phone for that. This is for auditory orgasm first and foremost.

    • Chris Cini

      Hi. I have a HTC One X with beats. Would the sony Walkman sound markedly better? Is it worth the investment? Thanks!

  21. Freddy Mendez13

    I think walker man z is the best so far rather than having the same model in apple for five fucking years.!

  22. I forgot to mention in processing the iPod has a mere 256 mb of ram, heck even the galaxy player has double that. The Sony Z series has 1GB of Ram! Obvious bias is obvious. On top of that the iPod Touch can’t even run high end iOS 4 or iOS 5 apps lol.

  23. ? This comparison is BS. For instance Appearance, you say it loses because it is too thick, but people complain about how fragile iPods are because they are too thin. Plus iPods design has been outdated, and no it is not large for a PMP. For OS, Gingerbread is a great OS, and is on par with iOS. On top of that if you want ICS so bad you can A) Root it or B) Use Go Launcher Ex, and Get the ICS theme. It works exactly like ICS too. The Process is this a joke? A4 is a freaking single core processor, All the Tegra 2 series are dual core so guess what it is clear who wins that. And who cares about cameras.

    Finally you never said anything about sound quality, and everyone already knows iPod has the worst sound quality of any PMP. The earbuds are crap, and it can’t even push the power for better ones. Sound quality is the most important.

  24. Apple Fan…..you dont mention sound quality, headphones quality…Display??Smae technology??? AMOLOED!!!! vs LCD!!!…Speakers!!! Sony kick that piece of shit of ipod…Procesor…Its a 1 ghz dual core!!! And….You wanna a Android icre cream sandwich( 4.0) in a PMP???? Its enough.with the gingerbread…

    • Frigging idiot.  Yeah sound quality wasn’t mentioned, but if you’re using high quality headphones, the sound quality of the touch doesn’t mean a thing.  Display?  LOOK AT THE GODDAMN REVIEW.  The touch kicks the walkman’s puny little ass.  Processor?  The touch doesn’t have nearly as many background processes with the OS.  You’re just another fandroid who doesn’t like it when anybody says apple is good.  Nothing compares to the ipod touch for a PMP.

      • Some Guy

        “if you’re using high quality headphones, the sound quality of the touch doesn’t mean a thing…”

        WTF are you talking about? Good headphones won’t magically make a shitty source signal into a good one. They can only make the best of what comes out of the player. So if you plug your good headphones into the sony, they will sound way better than if you plugged them into the ipod because the original signal is better. As you said… “frigging idiot”.

  25. the reason i’d buy a PMP is for its sound quality, not the camera.  so how is the sound?  and do you have a comparison of the included headphones?  ipod buds are painful to wear for extended periods.

  26. Kratosisabeast

    The sound of the Walkman Z is so much better then the ipod. Really if i’m going to buy a music player it’s going to be for the sound, and that’s why i’m buying the walkman

  27. Listen, guys, this reviewer is obviously an iFan and an Android-hater. I stopped reading after he said (about Android 4.0) he didn’t know why any company would ever want to use it.

  28. you seem to forget to mention the most important reason for buying the sony walkman and that is sound quality, which is much better than any apple device. 10-0 to the sony!

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