It’s really is a crying shame that the iPhone stun gun was just vaporware.  Nonetheless, it was a remarkeable idea as echoed by the blogosphere.  Heck, we even wrote about it and while we had odds that it was completely fake, we still hoped one would show up at our door for testing.  Though, what we would’ve tazed when it arrived is anyone’s guess.

Settling into a far second place is the Pepper Spray case from Piexon.  It’s effectively a plastic case that has a small slot for a can of pepper spray.  We’re not sure what cans of pepper spray are compatible with the case, but something tells us you have to buy both from the company.  Unfortunately, there is no accompanying iPhone app to activate the pepper spay, which means you have to remove the canister of noxious gas to ward off a would be assailant.  This also ensures that you don’t spray yourself in the eye when answering a call from that would be stalker, though we still have some concerns about placing a can of pepper spray in such close proximity to our eyes and nose.

Source | Via: Dvice

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