iPhone 4S vs. Droid RAZR Maxx (comparison)

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Spawned in the horrendous heat of a Los Angeles winter, James was born with an incessant need to press buttons. Whether it was the car radio, doorbells on Halloween or lights, James pushed, pressed and prodded every button. No elevator was left unscathed, no building intercom was left un-rung, and no person he’s known has been left un-annoyed.

44 Comments to iPhone 4S vs. Droid RAZR Maxx (comparison)

  1. I have the droid razr and my friend have the Iphone 4s. I used her phone and I prefer the droiz razr hands down. We will see about the Iphone 5 when it comes out.

  2. I have owned both phones but on different networks. I have the Droid Razr Maxx currently. I personally liked the IPhone 4S in regards to being on AT&T. It was faster by far with less skipping. My Droid constantly skips when I am typing. If I could affordbeing on AT&T I would. I would like to know how the IPhone 4S compares between Verizon and AT&T. I am thinkjng of trading my phone in for the IPhone.

  3. slumbusket

    I didnt have to read the review to know this was gonna be bias.. the top picture of the two phones, well, they’re the same size.. real life not even close to that!!!Razr is a lot bigger. Not saying that makes it better, but goes to show the writer was bias from the start..

  4. Andy Ivy-Townley

    Are you kidding me? Your first who categories give the 4S a win over the MAXX, but you’re not even comparing the two – you’re comparing the MAXX to the RAZR, saying it’s not as small as the original Droid RAZR… so the 4S wins? Seriously?Size is also personal preference. I’d rather have a bigger phone. You can’t say one phone “wins” over the other when it comes to preference. I want a bigger phone with a bigger display so the 4S and pixel density isn’t going to cut it. I go back and forth between lots of different phones every day (I work in a repair shop and have handled most phones available at this point) and at the end of the day when I pick up my MAXX it feels a million times better than the 4S, which feels tiny.

    As far as display size, 4.3 is a perfect size for my hands, which are fairly normal, its “use” rating is a 10 out of 10 for me. If I could have a 5 inch Samsung Note it’d be even better, and that size is even more optimized for one-handed use. 3.5 sucks unless you have tiny hands, then it’s perfect, and it’s not my fault that your hands are defective. No, the 4S doesn’t have a better camera, and as i’ve already stated i’ve had plenty of experience with both. Not much else to say there.Yes, the voice input/search/dialing/whatever of Android blows Siri out of the water. I’ve done a side-by-side test of different useful features that they both have, and there were relatively few things Android’s voice search couldn’t do and loads more Siri couldn’t do – or understand. She doesn’t understand.. most things.AT&T’s 4G isn’t 4G, at all. It’s barely 3.5G, and as others have said, Apple will denounce the 4G branding all day. I get around 17-20mbps down on LTE. 8mbps, wooohoooo.Your price category is also nonsense – it’s not like they’re the same phone with the same specs at different prices, then you’d have a valid point but you’re comparing a 95 civic with a 2010 accord – obviously one is going to be more expensive. Does that mean the cheaper Civic is a better car? Hell no. Operating system – once again, you’re comparing the MAXX to other Android phones that have ICS 4.0. How is that giving the iPhone a win? 2.3 is still lightyears ahead of iOs5.You’re digging deep and coming up with some nonsense, a few of these specs don’t even compare the usefulness and functionality of the phone so they have absolutely no bearing on what is better about the two. Let’s not mention Google Drive, Google Music, video chat options other than facetime, easy drag-and-drop and the ability to avoid iTunes and service your phone, real customization and a company that didn’t try to make said customization illegal and supports it by providing their OS as open source, the ability to get apps without using the app store, universal charger port (micro USB), less breakables on the phone (no glass back), and anything else that might put the 4S to shame. The 4S can suck it, and so can your insane bias.

  5. “Shove in a mind-boggling 3300mAh battery, which nearly doubles the iPhone’s 1420mAh battery.”  Can this author not do math.  It doesn’t nearly double it.  It doubles the iphone’s battery and then some.

  6. I have a hard time trusting much information in this review when simple math is wrong.  You repeat numerous times ” nearly twice as big”  when commenting on the battery.   It is WAY over twice as big.   It’s 2.3 times as big.   1420*2 = 2840  you still have to add an extra 460mAh…   so your review has tons of personal opinion and even when you have hard numbers you portray them wrong….

  7. not being fan of neither brand. review is clearly made my a apple fan….so clearly….
    and after reading people´s comment i have to admit…poor review, which focus only things iphone is better…well not even better…but better in mind of James lol

  8. Rizzokrise

    The only thing apple has left is its mindless fan base (i.e. the guy who wrote this shit article) Everything else that matters is better with the Droid. Its bigger, faster, has FLASH?!?, 4g LTE, better games, FREE music!, in my opinion a way cooler market, and frankly its just more manly. The way i see it, apple wont be able to compete with droid once ICS comes out.

  9. Ramos Phxaz

    “the iphone 4s. such a creative alternative. its the most revolutionary change ever to enter smartphone market.”
    -the foolish bandwagon
    guys hands down razr kills the 4s. pos phone is suited for women and children only

  10. Another phone defeated by the Iphone 4s. I think Samsung is apples main competitor right now and that the soon to be released S3 might take it this year just like the S2 took the best phone award last year.

  11. The battery counts for 4 or 5 other categories, since a phone that you can’t use is worthless.

  12. Jason Walker

    If you can pick the iPhone 4s LCD over ANY Super AMOLED variant, then you’re a clear iPhone fanboy.

      • The IPhone 4S screen while smaller is much sharper and crisper. The RAZR MAXX has the pentile display so small text all looks funny. I have the RAZR Maxx and my wife has the 4S so I have had time with both. I would not change for the IPhone but I wish the display on the RAZR was higher resolution (actually that is my only issue with the RAZR). My previous phone was the Droid X which was and LCD which did not have these resolution issues that the RAZR has. I bet that is why Apple has not yet gone to OLED as the current state of OLED displays seems to be a bit lacking although I think the newer displays that are coming out are starting to improve in this area.

        • Usekungfu

          As a life long Mac user,you could say I am beyond Apple biased to put it as mild as I can.
          That ”said”,I assure you that at the end of the day the XT912 Droid Razr absolutely destroys the iphone 4s[yes,I own both].
          All factors I find important… Comfort of eyes while watching videos,web browsing speeds,battery life,toughness of build,call quality,etc… The XT912 is the king cobra.
          The only aspects that the iphone has the wins on is 1,ergonomics,and 2 the aesthetics… Yes,the iphone 4/4s has a solid placement in the hands of those holding one.It simply feels”sweet” when holding it.Lastly,it looks a piece of jewelry comparible to a rolex.
          However; These two aspects are completely mute points as the smaller size hurts video viewing pleasure,and the looks compromise the toughness of the device when trauma occurs.

  13. I find it a bit disingenuous to give the 4S the “price” advantage simply because it’s cheaper, when it is a 3G phone with lesser hardware in general than the Razr MAXX. That’s like saying a Toyota Yaris is a better value than an Infiniti G37 simply because the Yaris is cheaper. You have to consider those differences.

    Definitely some obvious bias being betrayed in this article…

  14. WOW. This was a fair review and just because you own a cheep droid you cry. I own both and gave the razor to my kid, 4s is a better phone. 

    • Boozeroyale

       Moosebv, I highly doubt you own both.  And if you did, you would know that the Razr Maxx costs more than the comparable 4s.  You have to give it to Apple fans as they are EXTREMELY loyal (and I think at times they only hear what they want to hear).  I would imagine that the iPhone 5 is going to be a force to be reckoned with, however, at this time, and after seeing ‘physical’ side by side comparisons (as opposed to a written comparison), the 4s is aging.  I think it’s fair to say that at this point, it’s not worth any of us switching over and learning a new operating system.

  15. I agree on the operating system because Apple has always created smooth running operating systems (even on computers) where somehow it makes mediocre hardware specs run way better than the competitors’ “more advanced” hardware. But when it came to the review on size and style, the review was so matter of fact clear iPhone winner that it just was ridiculous and silly. The only reason I didn’t make the switch to iPhone 4S is because of its smaller screen. I was sitting on an upgrade waiting for the iPhone 5 and a larger screen but instead the same damn phone came out.
    This review was too biased. Love my Razr Maxx.

  16. James,

                You refer to the iPhone 4S as “a more comfortable and less dense device.” To quote the specs, the iPhone 4S is 140 grams to the Razr Maxx’s 145 grams. How can the Razr Maxx be denser than the 4S when it is nearly the same weight but much larger? In any case, a reasonably keen reader would object to your category “Size.” What are you trying to rate? Is smaller better? Or lighter? Or less dense? What makes the 4S more “comfortable”? It is smaller than the Maxx, but it’s also more dense and slightly thicker. You also fail to mention the purpose of the Razr Maxx’s larger stature: its much bigger screen. The .8 inch larger screen is certainly an advantage over the 4S, but you never mention it. You’re preoccupied with screen resolution, which is only one dimension of what makes a good display. 
                You claim that the Razr Maxx’s Super AMOLED display is “harder to see in bright conditions.” You are correct in that the iPhone’s display has greater maximum brightness than the Razr (specs for the brightness of the Razr are not immediately available, but it’s probably 300-400 cd/m2 to the iPhone’s 500 cd/m2). You fail to consider, however, that the Razr Maxx’s superior battery allows you to set the display brighter than the iPhone’s while getting the same or better battery life. In the real world, the Maxx has a brighter display. 

    These are just a few problems with your error-wrought article. 

  17. How about this compariosn criteria – screen breakability.  Apple screens just do not hold up as well as most of manufacturers and the new Gorilla glass used on the Android makes the Razr a better choice if you cary the phone in your pocket and are on the move constantly.

  18. I will never visit this site again as to how ridiculously biased this article is. You simply added categories that benefited the iPhone. Carriers? were talking about the phone. U made 3 categories that all pertain to appearance and named them different things to give apple more points. Clearly an apple fanboy!

  19. These review is complete BS!… The Razr Maxx completely destroys the crappy 4S and pretty much others such as Nexus with ICS 4. This guy nit picks the extra thickness and the barely noticeable pixel res difference. 

  20. Who ever wrote this review is stupid the razr maxx is so much better it looks better and dosent have glass for a back. The razr maxx also looks better than the razr. The iphone 4s isint even a comparison to the razr maxx.

    • Although I believe the razr maxx is much better (and will be getting it), I Believe otherwise here, in my opinion the razr and razr maxx are completely ugly in design, and the back disgusts me, whereas the iPhone has a more simple look to it and just looks like it was designed better, I’m not really fond of the glass back and front though.

  21. Love all the different thoughts, I am finally leaving Blackberry and am torn, Siri seems so cool …..but Maxx looks pretty good.

    • Maxx has voice recognition thats just as accurate and helpful as siri. I dont want that twit talking back to me all day anyway!

    • philnolan3d

      Even the free app SpeakToIt Assistant easily beats siri. Don’t let Zooey Deschannel and Sam Jackson fool you.

    • OMG! Me too! I am finally getting rid of my CRAPPY BB phone that SUCKS SO BADLY and I am torn between the Iphone just because of Siri and itunes/icloud and the droid that is quicker and has better battery power and storage.  Help! LOL

  22. Great article that has helped me in many ways figure out
    this ridiculous phone struggle in deciding which to get!!! I still am leaning towards
    the Razor, except the fact…which I honestly feel you should mention, is that
    there are so gosh darn many “extras”…things, pieces of audio
    equipment, work-out treadmills, bikes…etc., that appear to only be compatible
    with APPLE products???? Sad but oh so true… I LOVE this RAZOR, but I also
    love the campatability of the iPhone with soooooo many diffferent accessories.
    Perhaps I am mistaken however and the plug-in for the iPhone does indeed match
    that of the RAZOR. kevinburns1968@gmail.com
    Thanks for your well defined and valuable comparison! Kevin

    • philnolan3d

       How many accessories do you plan to buy?  Remmeber too that a lot of products are marked as being for iphone only because it’s “cool” but it will really work just fine with Android too.  One big example is the Wacom Bamboo Stylus that says “for ipad” on the box but I know a number of people that use it with Android tablets.

  23. The Razr Maxx is NOT fat. It’s thinner than the iPhone on most of it and pretty much the same thickness at the top hump. I’m seriously sick of reviews talking about the Razr Maxx being fat. It’s still one of the thinnest smart phones out there.

  24. heres my thing
    size: opinion (mines maxx)
    apperence: opinion (mines maxx)
    display opinion: either bigger AMOLED screen or more pixles (personally maxx cuz bigger screen, could hardly tell difference and im not zooming in all crazy when i have big screen)
    proccessor: maxx
    storage: on phone maxx, on cloud iPhone
    Wireless: Maxx- 4G
    Camera- iPhone(hopefully update will fix maxx camera)
    Battery Life- No Brainer
    Carriers- iPhone 
    Price: you get 16 GB + 16GB memory card w/ maxx.. + most specs better than iphone, so in my opinion both 300 for 32GB im choosing maxx
    OS: I like Android, but ios better than gingerbread, not same for ICS which will be with maxx soon. 
    my opinion, maxx hands down, no way any 3g phone is better than this top of the line 4G as of right now

  25. Jimcrawford2010

    IMO, you are so ……… wrong! iPhone 4S is just boring. Not much new happening. I had 3, 3G, 4, 4S (no 4G) and switched to the Razr Maxx for it’s screen size, (you must have small girlie hands), beautiful display, flash ( finally), camera options built-in (zoom while 1080p video recording, what a concept, apple), speed (up to 20 Mps in my area), voice recognition, (way better than the dumb blonde named Seri), battery life, and customization without jail breaking. Are you a fanboy/girl of crapple products? Just saying……………………..

    • Plenty of things that don’t actually improve the phone that you listed. First, the AT&T 4S has 4G, which gets up to 8Mbps down. Not nearly as fast as LTE, but for the vast majority of people plenty fast and better for battery life.

      Screen size: it’s not opinion based, it’s use based. 3.5″ is great for using with just one hand, and 4.3″ is the maximum possible to use with one hand. The problem is Android 2.3 isn’t optimized for one-hand use. Google finally fixed that with Android 4.0, and plenty of 3rd party apps aren’t there yet. 

      Display: OLED displays are great, but they also don’t provide accurate color. They oversaturate, and they’re not nearly as good for reading. 

      Camera options like zoom? A waste. Digital zoom is garbage. It always has been, and always will be.

      Voice recognition…do I really need to explain that? Clearly you’ve never had an iPhone, because it’s Siri, not Seri.

      • The “4G” that shows up on the 4S is *not* 4G at all. Just stop with that. Not even Apple is claiming the 4S to be a 4G device. Only AT&T and their silly marketing department are claiming this. I’ll take Apple’s word over AT&T’s.

    • agreed, apple is the largest company in America because of narrow minded fools, If only people saw how big of profit margins Apple was making then they would understand

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