How to choose the best Plasma TV (how to)

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6 Comments to How to choose the best Plasma TV (how to)

  1. I stopped reading this when I got to the “Hertz” section. Not to be rude, but you have no idea what you are talking about, or, you copied and pasted that section from your write up on LCD/LED tvs. Plasma’s are a different technology, most running about 600Hz. Geesh.

  2. Shin Taguchi

    I want to buy a flat screen for daily use so as to conserve my Pioneer TV. Because good Plasma died with Pioneer… I can’t seem to find any TV that doesn’t have the “soap opera effect” these days. 

    The soap opera look is a horrible effect that completely ruins watching movies at home, and I seem to be the only person that’s aware of this awful trait with the current range of TV’s.

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  5. I’ve had a 60″ plasma with FIOS, Blu-ray and Xbox as primary inputs for a number of years and I’d add a few things. First, bigger is better – plasma’s benefits are more apparent on big screens.

    Second, there is more glare off a plasma screen but I find it’s not ambient light (which a plasma can overpower), it’s point sources of light at eye level which bounce into your eyes. My plasma is set up in a den with small, high windows and ceiling light fixtures which reflect down and would only be a problem if you were lying on the floor.

    Third, if you’re going to have people viewing the TV from off angles, make sure to try it in the showroom. Plasmas tend to have much wider viewing angles and much more accurate off-axis color than LCDs.

    Fourth, if you can, try and find a dark, murky film to preview on TVs. Beyond just being a sales number, good contrast should bring out more details in the dark areas.

    Fifth, a minor suggestion, when you set up your UPS/Power Conditioner (and you should) turn off the alarm. The brighter the scene, the more power a plasma draws to the poit that when, for example, Fable fades to white, the plasma will draw power faster than the UPS can charge the battery – setting off the alarm.

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