Google Street View will soon be available for the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, which is the largest coral formation on Earth. Thanks to The Catlin Seaview Survey, which is a collaboration with the University of Queensland, and the Caitlin Group and Google, you’ll be able to see the beautiful reef in all its glory from your desk, laptop, tablet or phone! You can check out some images via Google Street View starting today.

The Catlin Seaview Survey will perform a diagnostic on the reef system’s health via a panoramic underwater photographic and video survey. There’s already been some preliminary survey’s thought the main part of the project will begin in September. All images will be captured using a 360-degree camera that’s on top of a Diver Propulsion Vehicle for shallow surveys, and robotic subs for surveys between 30 and 100 meters. There’s also a video to watch on each study section on YouTube. But the survey will do more than just provide you with amazing pictures, as the group hopes to study global warming has affected the migratory behavior of tiger sharks, green turtles and manta rays.

Kristie Bertucci

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