Dynamic Bicycles Tempo Cross 8 Review

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3 Comments to Dynamic Bicycles Tempo Cross 8 Review

  1. Dylan Pitcairn

    The concept of this bike is genius. I’m looking to get one soon, as wet weather travel on a conventional chain driven bike means cleaning and relubing the chain after the ride.

    A few notes about the article. To be a proficient and efficient bike rider, you need to know when to change gears and how to do it properly. Also, having your gears tuned properly will prevent any issue with mis-shifting and chains falling off. There are certain techniques to wax/lube your chain that are almost mess free.

    Other than that, I look forward to getting a bike like this. I’ve read that shaft driven bikes aren’t meant for top speed, which is fine. Its meant as a commuter bike for 15 mph and under.

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