BlackBerry Bold 9930 Review

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3 Comments to BlackBerry Bold 9930 Review

  1. I’m a blackberry user for a while, i have an older model bold, but am upgrading to this one in a a couple days when i’m due for my upgrade.
    I suppose if aps are your thig, then blackberries are not for you, but there are certain features that blackberries have that iphones and droids don’t.  For example.  I use my phone as a work phone and personal phone.  On the weekends, I like to tune out to work and dont want to hear my e mails all the time e mail.  Only on a blackberry, you can actually silence your work e mail notifications, and still get all other notifications.  In addition, if you are going to sleep, or going into  meeting and need to silence your phone, however, you are expecting an important call, you can set ring volumes to override whether you are in silent mode or not.  Droids have semi silent aps, but this will only work for phone calls, not e mails or texts.  These features alone seem to basic and necessary, I cant imagine why i phones and droids dont have something like this.  Until they do, I will stick with blackberry and am super ecited about the new bold!

    •  I wasn’t clear, what i mean is that you can set specific ring volumes for specific people, and the same for texts/ e mails, and this will override  “silence” mode.

  2. Yes you are completely right in your review. I own a BB 9900 and have the same experience with My phone. Also 4 Times in 4 months the white screen has appeared with ” Error 547 ” , Error 102 ……….? Makes the Phone useless. Have to send it for repair. Never again a BB!
    Fortunately I also have an IPHONE 4s .

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